Difference between Pastry and Bakery

Patisserie vs Bakery

Bakerybakery vs pastryDifference between pastry and Bakerypastry

Bakeries and Pastries are the two terms that we use very often, and at times both of them are considered one and the same. But that is not the case, both of these are completely different terms with different meanings.

What is a Bakery?

  • A Bakery that is believed to have ancient Egyptian origin is derived from the word ‘bake’ which means baked. It is a part of the culinary field that is into making breads, pizzas and even pastries. 

  • When it comes to Bakery, the four common ingredients that mostly go into the dishes are- Flour, salt, sugar, water and Yeast. Yeast is used as a ‘dough developer’ while making the dishes. 

  • Since the yeast is used in the dishes, the texture of these foods are often fibrous and soft. 

  • The presence of fat paste in the dishes strengthens the bond of the flour, the texture and the flavour.

  • It acts as an enhancer.

What is a Pastry?

The word Pastry is derived from the French word ‘Patisserie’ which means cake or processing and serving cakes. 

  • The term pastry is commonly used to describe grouping of cakes or even when referring to skin dough to make pastries such as puff pastry, pie etc. Apart from this, pastry can also refer to pastry dough, which is commonly used as a base for baked products. 

  • The most common ingredients that are used in pastry are water, sugar, eggs and shortening. 

  • They are slightly soft and layered dishes

  • The presence of fat paste shows the layer and gives it a crumbly texture. 

  • Avoid overmixing your mixture, because there are times when overmixing can lead to gluten strands, which can later harden the pastry.

Bakery and pastry are not the same, bakery is part of the culinary field that is into making breads, pizzas, pastries etc and is believed to have an origin from Egypt. Whereas pastries originated in France and it is used to describe grouping, processing or serving of cakes.


Is bakery a part of pastry?

Yes, Bakery is a part of pastry that normally deals with making bread, danish, sponge cake etc. 

How are pastries different from other bakery products? 

Pastries are differentiated from other bakery products because of their fat content that contributes to their flaky, crumbly structure. 

What are the different types of pastry?

Choux pastry, Filo Pastry, Puff Pastry, Hot Water Crust Pastry and Shortcrust pastry. These are the kinds of different pastries.

What is the one Golden rule that has to be followed while making a pastry?

While making a pastry, one has to keep their hands and the bowl as cool as possible. They should also make sure that the flour is sieved to add lightness and extra air to the pastry. 

What is the difference  between a bakery and a pastry shop?

A bakery has a wide variety of items like breads, cookies, pastry, donuts etc, whereas a pastry shop only serves desserts and sometimes even sauces, custards and chocolates.

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