Difference between Planetary Mixer and Spiral Mixer

Planetary Mixer vs Spiral Mixer

Commercial mixers are crucial for the food and beverage industry, and picking the correctmixer to suit your cooking needs requires some forethought. Most bakers today offer a medley of baked goods, and to suit their style, they need to choose a mixer that fits all their requirements to make their operations as smooth and efficient as possible.

As is common knowledge among bakers, the two most common commercial mixers are Planetary Mixer and Spiral Mixer. To help you make the right choice for your bakery, read along to know to fully understand what differentiates a Planetary mixer from a Spiral mixer. Planetary mixers get their name because of the way they rotate. The interchangeable attachments, which can include a dough hook, beater, or paddle, rotate around the bowl while the bowl itself does not move, thereby mimicking the movement of the planets around the sun.

Spiral mixers have a more specialised function compared to the planetary mixer. Spiral mixers have two motors, one that turns the bowl and one that rotates the attachment. This type of mixer is the best choice to make a range of dough due to the rotating bowl's functionality and reducing the time it takes to finish kneading the dough. The Planetary mixer is exceptionally versatile and can mix things from frosting to cookie dough to cake batter. The Spiral mixer, on the other hand, is best for making different types of dough, offering operators more control over the quality and quantity of dough produced

Bakers should consider their kitchen space, daily requirements in terms of quantity and types of goods produced while selecting a mixer for their bakery. In cases where bakeries produce a range of products and are especially busy, they may choose to use both the Planetary and Spiral mixer, helping them produce a large variety of baked goods without compromising the quality.
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