Let's Make Some Healthy Brown Bread

how to make brown bread

healthy brown bread

Let's make some healthy brown bread by following the steps below:

Maida500 grams
Wheat flour500 grams
Jaggery50 grams
Luke warm water580-600 ml
Sugar40 grams
Yeast2 tea spoon
Salt20 grams
Marvo fat20 grams
Wheat barn25 grams


1. Dissolve salt, sugar and jaggery in water.

2. Sieve the maida on the working table and add yeast using the flour sifter.

3. Add salt and jaggery water and mix well.

4. Knead to a soft and smooth dough using the spiral mixer.

5. Knead in fat. rest the dough for an half and hour till it doubles in size.

6. Divide the dough mould in to bread

7. Keep it in proofing chamber, till it acquires full size using the double trolley proofer.

8. Bake at 200c for 25 minutes using Rotary rack oven.

Enjoy and serve this delicious healthy bread to your health freak friends and famalies

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