Master the Art of Baking Bread in 9 Simple Steps

For over 1,000 years bread has been regarded as the “staff of life”. Bread is probably the most affordable and popular food in the world, a staple in many cuisines and an everyday diet for most. Bread is the basic of baking, and we are going to help you bake some fluffy, tasty bread.

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1Flour1 Kilograms
2Yeast20 gms
3Sugar50 gms
4Salt20 gms
5Water600 - 650 ml
6Oil50 ml
7Bread Improver3 gms
8Gluten5 gms

Few more ingredients that we think are important:
Let’s get baking!

Step 1- Using the flour shifter, sieve the flour.

Step 2- In the Spiral Mixer, add water. Dissolve the yeast and sugar into the water. Add the flour, gluten, 
bread improver and salt and beat it thoroughly.

Step 3- Once the dough has been pulled together, knead the dough thoroughly for 5 -6 mins till the dough is developed.

Step 4- Oil a bowl and knead till it is absorbed by the dough.

Step 5- Using the Dough Divider divide the dough depending on the size of the bread. Round it and leave it to prove.

Step 6- Knock down the dough, Mould it and place in a greased bread tin and cover with a lid. Leave it in the proving chamber to prove.

Step 7- When proved and dough reaches the desired height (ideally double), place the tins into a preheated Rotary Rack Oven at 220 °C and bake it for  30 - 35 mins.

Step 8- Bake the bread in the Rotary Rack Oven until the bread is firm and has a rich golden brown colour and the bottom of the loaf sounds hollow when tapped

Step 9- Demould the bread and cool it on Cooling Racks.

Your loaf of bread is now ready! Slice it into the desired slices, pack or serve.

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