Principles Involved In Fermented Products

let us see how the fermentation works

Let's get to know what principles are involved in fermenting the products

  • The main principle of fermentation is to derive energy from carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen.
  • Glucose is first partially oxidized to pyruvate by glycolysis. 
  • Then pyruvate is converted to alcohol or acid along with regeneration of NAD+ which can take part in glycolysis to produce more ATP.
  • Fermentation yields only about 5% of the energy obtained by aerobic respiration.

1. Select quality raw materials and pre-heat the oven.

2. Weigh the ingredients accurately.

3. Check for the quality of yeast.

4.Use correct amount of salt.

5. Do not mix yeast and salt together.

6. Do not add fat in the beginning.

7. Use the correct flour and knead well to get smooth dough.

8. Use the correct flour and knead well to get smooth dough.

9. Use water according to the climate condition i.e regular water in summer and warm water in winter.

10. Keep the dough warm and moist.

11. Weigh the dough correctly for bread or use correct size mould and grease the mould before using it.

12. Proof well and bake at correct temperature.

13. Do not proof in dry heat

14. De-mould the product immediately and allow to cool

15. After cooling, pack immediately to prevent external contamination.

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