Tips For Best Biscuits

how to make best biscuits

baking tips

Let's get some tips on how to make the best biscuits.

  • Pre heat the oven.

  • Grease the tin/pan.

  • All the raw material should be to the room temperature.

  • weigh the ingredients.

  • sieve the dry ingredients.

  • Use quality and accurate quantity of raw material.

  • Test for the quality of essence/ flavour before use.

  • sieve the dry ingredients together.

  • If butter is replaced for saturated fat then take care for moisture content.

  • Creaming should be done in only one direction.

  • After adding flour never cream it but only fold it with fingers.

  • Over mixed dough makes rolling or piping much more difficult. Refrigerate the dough to avoid the difficulty.

  • Do not use excess of dusting flour.

  • Sheet small quantity of dough at a time.

  • While arranging the biscuits on tray keep space in between the biscuits.

  • Make even sized biscuits for uniform baking.

  • Garnish on freshly prepared dough, press and then bake.

  • Test for complete baking by gently sliding the tray, if it moves it is baked.

  • Never remove the biscuits immediately from the baked tray

  • Cool the biscuits and pack.

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