What is a Planetary Mixer?

Planetary mixer - When to use the planetary mixer?

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The more versatile of mixers, planetary mixers are also referred to as “all-purpose mixers.” The mixer features an agitator that moves around the bowl like a planet, hence the name Planetary Mixer.

The planetary mixer can be used for various purposes, with a multitude of attachment options, allowing bakers an opportunity to cook up a range of baked goods in large quantities. The high torque mixer can prepare anything from buttercream to bread dough, making it the perfect baking equipment for small and large-scale bakeries.

All planetary mixers have one motor and a non-rotating bowl, and they are sized by the volume of ingredients the bowls can hold, ranging from 10 litres to 80 litres. The larger planetary mixers are floor-standing mixers, while the smaller ones can be easily placed on a countertop, allowing bakers the flexibility to choose which size suits them and their kitchen best.

The planetary mixers come with a Dough Hook, Beater, Whip, and more. The removable attachments provide flexibility while mixing and make it easier to clean up afterwards. Most planetary mixers come with adjustable speeds, allowing bakers the freedom to mix the ingredients to a specific consistency. 

These mixers are by far the most commonly seen commercial mixers in the kitchen. These mixers are popular due to their versatility. One can adjust the speed and interchange the attachments with the help of the power hub on the front of the mixer, making it a versatile choice to make anything, such as dough, cake batter, and more.

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