What is a Spiral Mixer?

Dough production made easy with Spiral Mixer

The Spiral Mixer, also known as the Dough Mixer, are floor-standing mixers that are great to make dough for pizza, bagels, donuts, and more. The bowl of the spiral mixer swivels and twists the dough into the rotating hook for optimal kneading. The primary purpose of the spiral mixer is to gently but efficiently mix the dough, allowing the gluten to develop without overworking the dough. The rotating movement of the spiral hooks works in tandem with the rotating bowl, making it the most efficient mixer to create homogenous dough.

In some models, the bowl and attachment are detachable, making the cleaning process more efficient. The spiral mixer may not be as versatile as the planetary mixer; however, the high-quality dough that the spiral mixer produces is key to bakeries that primarily specialize in pizza, donuts, and similar baked goods.

Temperature control is one of the most critical aspects for a baker, and spiral mixers take the cake with their functionality. The spiral mixers are great for making the dough because the mixer keeps the dough at a low temperature, with the bowl rotating in one direction while the spiral hook rotates in the opposite direction. This technology ensures that the dough does not ferment too quickly or overheat, which in turn affects how the yeast is activated. Spiral mixers come in various sizes, with some of the larger models holding up to 150kgs of dough at once, making it great for a bakery to quickly make large quantities of dough without compromising on the quality.

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