bakery diesel oven

CS Aerotherm presents a rotary rack oven that is perfect for your small bakery, café. You can make bread, rusk, buns, biscuits and more scrumptious baked goodies. Its unique airflow design and rock wool blanket insulation makes it highly thermal efficient. It comes with analog or touch screen PLC panel options to choose from. You can choose from Electrical/Gas/Diesel/CNG/PNG/LDO. 


Ovens with a Smart Controller

It comes with a Touchscreen panel where you can store your recipes. We have made our ovens intelligent by enabling WiFi/ 4G/ 5G for diagnosing and troubleshooting basic error codes remotely saving you time and production downtime. It's a genius piece of machine that can even forecast when to order spares well in advance to avoid breakdowns.

Standard Features

Unique Airflow Design

Bonne efficacité thermique

Conception en acier inoxydable

Isolation par couverture en laine de roche


Panneau PLC à écran tactile de qualité analogique / industrielle

Source : Bobines électriques / GAS / Diesel / CNG / PNG / LDO

Pack boulangerie complet B800

Détails de la capacité de production par heure*

Standard Trolley Size (W x D x H) in mm / inches is 700 x 520 x 1580 / 28 x 20.5 x 63
Standard Tray Size (W x L) in mm / inches is 450 x 700 / 18 x 27

Chariots avec étagères
Pâte requise par heure*** (Kgs)
Pain (400 g) en No.s / Kgs240 / 96
chariots de 10 étagères
Petit Pain (45 g) in No.s / Kgs
672 / 30
chariots de 14 étagères
Biscuits (Kgs)
chariots de 14 étagères
Sponge Cake (Kgs)
chariots de 10 étagères
Biscotte (nécessite une cuisson deux fois) ** en Kgs14
chariots de 14 étagères
Khari (nécessite une cuisson deux fois)** en Kgs9
chariots de 14 étagères
Please Note:
* Each Baking cycle is 30 minutes. Based on recipe and other factors, baking cycles and production capacities may vary.
** In Rusk and Khari, each baking cycle is 30 minutes since baking is done twice.
*** Due to moisture content and evaporation while baking, there will be a variation in the Dough.

Spécifications du four

Trolley Size (W x D x H) in mm / inches
700 x 520 x 1580 / 28 x 20.5 x 63
No. of Trolleys Provided with the Oven (No.s)
Maximum Temperature (°C / °F)
300 / 572
Puissance installée (KW / HP)
1.5 / 2
Tension et phase (Volts / Phase / Hertz)
415 / 3 / 50
Détails recommandés du stabilisateur de tension servo (KVA / Phase)
1 / 1
Ouverture minimale requise pour amener le four dans la boulangerie en mode divisé (H x W) mm / Pouces2300 x 1000 / 91  x 39
Dimensions externes (W x D x H) in mm / Pouces
1600 x 1400 x 2200 / 63 x 56 x 87
Pouces (kg)

Rotary Rack Oven Specifications

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