SPA-A Automatic bun rounding dividers Hydraulic operated machine with two cylinders for pressing, one cylinder for cutting and one for rounding .Control panel that allows adjustment of pressing, rounding and shaping chamber opening times. Knife cleaning button. Can store up

to 10 different programs and language can be changed according to the user’s needs. The machine is supplied with no.3 plates. SPA-SA Semi automatic bun rounding dividers Mechanical machines. Pressing, Cutting and rounding are carried out with levers, while the shaping chamber is adjusted using a joystick with numerical scale. The machines is supplied with no.3 plates


Automatic bun divider
Model divisions Scaling range (gr) Batch capacity (kg) hourly capacity (pcs/hr) Dimension (LXWXH) Machine Weight (Kg)
SPA A 30 30 40/135 1.2/4 5400 605x660x1420 230
SPA A 30 s 30 25/90 0.75/7 5400
SPA A 36 36 34//110 1.2/4 9300
SPA A 52 52 12/40 0.6/2 9300