Characteristics And Features:

  • Independent Filling Hopper Minimize The Replacing Time When Different Filling Is Required.
  • Flexible Adjustment for Dough Size, Shape and Weight.
  • Easy Change of Filling Nozzle.
  • Photo Sensor To Regulate The Speed Of Dough Sheet.
  • Independent Dough Cutter Provides Flexible Dough Piece Discharge Direction.
  • Wheels For Easy Movement.
  • Robust Construction and Easy Operation.
  • Equips With Master Controller for Independent Inverters.


Technical data Standard NEM 399
Dimension (W x L x H) Approx. mm 1030 x 4540 x 1540
Motor Approx. HP

Approx. KW

Overall 4

Overall 3

Electric Power Approx. V 230
Current Ampere Approx. Amp 15
Weight Approx. KG 950
Max. Capacity Approx. Unit/hour. 5000