We manufacture a comprehensive range of volumetric Dough Divider that is specifically designed for dividing dough in a specific manner. This divider of the dough with adjustable construction is very good for dividing the dough accurately. We also offer customization on our range as per client specifications. The divider manufactured by us is energy efficient, packs in long hours of continuous work, very easy to maintain and is highly durable .The volumetric divider is suitable to work upon very soft or medium soft dough that contains minimum 0% to 55% of water content. The dough is processed using the natural process and is not stressed or warmed up. The machine is suitably be used in making dough that is further used in the production of pastries, pizza and piadina.


  • CSD – SP
  • BVDS


  • Volumetric Dough Dividing Assures Good Quality Products.
  • Simple Clearing And Maintenance Procedures.

 Area of Application:

  • Commercial Bakeries
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants


  • One year warranty for all manufacturing defects and mechanical components. Electrical components are not covered under warranty


  • Industrial size bakery equipment direct transportation in trucks
  • Smaller bakery equipment in bubble wrapping
  • Post-Loading protection is ensured for adverse conditions


  • All bakery equipment transported by roads
  • Post-Loading protection is ensured for adverse conditions


Technical Data
Dough Divider capacity(pcs./h) 2000 550-2800
Scaling range (g) 100-600 200-1200
Oil consumption (1000pcs./H(L/R) 0.4 0.6
Electrical Data
Rqd power KW(HP)/Phase/Voltage Required(V)/Frequency(Hz) 1.5 (2HP)/3pH/415V/50Hz 1.5 (2HP)/3ph/415 V/50 Hz
Hooper (mm) T915øxB330øxH705ø
Dimensions of the machine with a standard hopper (mm) (LxWxH) 1400X650X1500 1305x780x1585