Egg Breaker with Separate White from Yolk Function RZ-1

Machine RZ-1 is equipped with two operating modes precise and fast: Precision mode should be used for processing material of poor quality. In such eggs white is watery and the yolk — very weak. Knives machine running in strict mode, flare shell slowly and gently, so that the yolk gently flows from the broken shell and the number of broken yolks drops drastically. Quick mode is designed to break the eggs of ordinary quality. In such eggs white has the gel form and the yolk is compact. In this mode, the machine operates at maximum efficiency. Egg breaker machine RZ-1 is also equipped with a variable speed operation. At any time and in any mode, you can slow down or speed using a potentiometer. The machine also has the ability to adjust the height of the knives and the strength of their hitting. This property often proves useful when breaking eggs with weak shells.


Applications:  Egg breaker used to produce fresh liquid egg. Enable to separate white from yolks.
How it works:  The machine imitates work of human hands. Egg shells are cut and opened with use of special knives. Hygienic standard of broken eggs is very high.
Destination:  Bakeries, confectioneries, egg processing companies.
Capacity:  Max. 3 200 eggs/h
Power input:  0,37 kW, 1 × 230 V, 50~60 Hz
Minimal workspace:  2 000 × 1 500 mm
Dimensions:  800 × 1500 × 1100(height.) mm
Weight:  ok. 120 kg
Operated by:  1 person
Delivery:  Egg breakers with the function of separating white from egg yolk we personally deliver to the designated address, we assist in the installation and provide training.
Warranty:  Devices are covered by a 12 month warranty on parts.
Note:  The machine includes:
1.quality control module disallowing weak yolks get into final product. The machine is equipped with yolks-whites separator, and also has 2 modes: fast and precisely,
2.unique setting system of knife depth penetration of egg.
Before punching eggs should be cooled to temp max. 10oC.
If eggs are poor quality separation yolks from whites may be difficult (because egg yolks are flat and weak). We recommend a simple test quality of eggs.