The Long Moulder is a machine designed for moulding long loaves without end conclusions from wheaten and other types of mixed dough. Its sturdy construction makes the machine especially suitable for use in automatic bread production plants,

We offer compact and competent range of Long Moulders with Teflon coated rollers for preventing dough from sticking. Casters make the machine operate silently. Option is provided to select SS or MS for body construction. Molding tables and side guards can be changed speedily. It has safety assurance of CE standards. Centering rollers are provided to ensure that dough falls exactly in the middle and pass through the Teflon coated rollers.

 Models Offered:

  • LM-2400
  • LM-1500
  • CS – MM


  • High Quality Teflon coated rollers are used to Prevent Dough From Sticking
  • Easy Cleaning And Maintenance Option.
  • A Robust Design Guarantees long Life Of The Moulder.
  • Casters Help Move The Machine Easily.
  • Both Stainless Steel And MS With Power Coated structural construction Which Is Optional.
  • Moulding table and side guides Can Be Changed Quickly and Easily .
  • Safety Assured By CE Standards.
  • Centering Rollers Are Provided To Make Sure The Dough Falls Exactly at the centre And Pass Through The Teflon Coated Rollers.


Model LM 2400 LM 1500 CS-MM
Technical Data
Machine capacity (pcs./h) up to 2400 up to 2400 1000-2000
Scaling Range (g) 200-1200 200-1200 30-350
Maximum dough length (mm) from 100 to 420 from 100 to 600 330
Rolled dough diameter (mm) from 30 to 100 from 30 to 100 95
Connecting voltage 3 ph 415V, 50hz 3 ph 415V, 50hz 3 ph 415V, 50hz
Connecting power (HP) 1.25 1.5 0.5
Length (mm) 3000 2000 1000
Width (mm) 710 830 530
Height (mm) 1780 1550 1060
Weight (kg) 450 350 145