Rotary Rack Oven-B600 (With Proover)
Rotary Rack Oven-B600 (With Proover)

Our latest for small bakeries which have a space constraint. This has a proofer below with the oven on top. Saves a lot of space and energy since controls are one and source of energy for the the proofer and the oven is one only.








Oven speciation:

Dimensions in mm (External) WxDxH 1100x1800x2100mm 43”x45”x82”
Max temperature (Degrees Celcius) 300
Connected load (Kw x ph) 3×3 or 1ph (4HP)
Weight (Kg) 800
Minimum dimensions to take oven in (HXW) Tray Size 18 X 18 12 Tray/Batch

Capacity of the Oven (per Batch.Approx):

Bread 400 gm Sponge Cake (kg) Buns 45 gm Biscuits (kg) Dry Rusk (kg)
Kharis (kg)
Tray Size (mm)
48 Loaves
1 Trolley x 6 Shelves
1 Trolleys x 6 Shelves
128 Nos.
1Trolleys x 8 Shelves
5 to 6
1 Trolleys x 8 Shelves
1 Trolleys x 8 Shelves
1 Trolleys x 8 Shelves
450×450 (18”x18”)

Standard Features:

  • Unique airflow design
  • Csaerotherm Wedge Installation System
  • Good thermal efficiency
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Ceramic Wool Blanket Insulation


  • Analog / PLC panel
  • Source: Electrical coils / GAS / Diesel / CNG / PNG / LDO
  • Supply: Single Phase / Three phase
  • B600 complete bakery package