conical-rounderThe conical rounder is designed for intermediate and final round moulding of wheaten dough.The machine’s excellent execution ensures the moulded dough pieces obtain an ideal round shape and perfectly smooth surface, assuring an optimal intermediate proofing and loaf moulding.


  • CS – CR


  • All Dough Contact Parts Are Surface Protected With Teflon. This Prevents The Dough From Sticking And Makes Clearing Easier
  • The Intensity Of the Mechanical Flour Sifting Device Above The Outlet Hopper Can Be Adjusted.
  • The Machines Is Practically Noiseless During Operation.
  • Easy And Simple Maintenance Procedure.

 Basic version of the machine includes:

  • Teflon coated cone and spirals
  • stainless steel plating
  • mechanical flour duster
  • Teflon coated outlet chute


  • air blowing device
  • inlet conveyor
  • outlet conveyor


Technical Data
Machine capacity (pcs./h) up to 2400
Weight of shaped dough piece (g) 200-1200
Electrical Data
Connecting Power (KW) 0.75 (1HP)
Length (mm) 850
Width (mm) 850
Height (mm) 1420
Weight (kg) 220