Twelve Trolley Proofer

We also offer an efficient range of Twelve Trolley Proofer, that are mostly used for large scale baking purposes. For ideal proofing 85% humidity and 34 °c  heat is required. The time required to raise the product is a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 1 hr 20 minutes.


  • Efficient climatization
  • Aluminium chequered floor optional
  • Tough hinges, locking provision with sweeping gasket to avoid leakage


Model Capacity connected load  Dimension Weight
B-1800 12- Trolley 10 kw with 3-phase 2520mm (w) 4800mm(L) 2200mm (H) 900 kgs
B-2200 12- Trolley 10 kw with 3-phase 2520mm (w) 50000 mm (L) 2200mm (H) 1000 kgs