6 Tray Convection Oven

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Also Available in Gas variants.



Move over deck ovens, this compact convection oven is the nextin thing for small to medium sized bakeries. Ideal for baking alltypes of bread, cookies, croissants, puffs etc. Stainless steel traysfor healthy baking. Uniform baking gives a perfect touch to the endproduct. It's sleek design doesn't occupy much space. It comes with asteam function which enables you to make cupcakes, fruit cakes, spongecakes of different flavours. Gas consumption is less than a kilogramin an hour. Eco-friendly and easy to clean and maintain. You can evenmake tandoori items, baked dishes like garlic bread, croissants,pizzas, steamed items as dhokla, idlis, sponge cake, scrumptiousdesserts such as pudding, kheer. Widen your horizons and grow yourbusiness.

  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Stainless steel trays support
  • Halogen inner light chamber
  • Double glass for easy cleaning
  • Chamber inner light and door inner light
  • Professional bidirectional opening handle
  • Ideal for Indian Veg and Non-veg dishes.
  • Expert in baked delights.
  • Lip smacking desserts in minutes.
  • Effortless cooking of complex dishes.
  • Wholesome Gastronomical experience.
  • Hands down expert in Italian, Continental cuisines.
  • Hygienic, low on maintenance.
  • Ideal for small restaurants, hotels, front/display cooking.

Oven Specifications

Lateral Door - P664ER-Gas


Trays (mm)


Pitch between trays (mm)


External dimensions(WxDxH)mm


Weight (kg)




Power (kw)


Power (W)


Motors (nr)


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