dough moulder machine

    Long Moulder with Auto Panning

    The Auto Panning System for Moulders consists of a mould stopper with flaps which stops the moulds to ensure that the dough falls exactly in the middle of the mould. A pneumatic air connection is required for this. The system also consists of a conveyor that the mould stopper is attached to. It has sensors to ensure the detection of the moulds and dough to match the same. It is an attachment to the both the Moulders LM-2400 and LM-1500. This reduces the manpower and increases cleanliness since human touch isn't needed.

    With Auto Panning, the capacity of the Moulder reduces. Capacity of both the Moulders reduces from 2800 pieces per hour to 2400 pieces per hour.

    The height of the Moulder also increases to accommodate the Mould Conveyor below the Moulder.



        Less Labour intensive

        Maintain high hygiene standards.

        Less oil consumption

        Improved product quality

        Product consistency


        Air Pressure(Bar): 4

        Compressor (KW / H): 2 / 1.5

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