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Automatic Bread and Rusk Line

CS aerotherm has always strived for excellence. We believe in actualizing the concepts and ideas we work on. We don’t just dream. We work tirelessly in making those dreams come true. Our vision to have a fully automatic bread plant took shape in 2013. Since then, we have never looked back and undertook projects for fully automatic bread and rusk plants. Our fully automatic bread plant comprises of state of the art equipment. Taking pride in Make in India initiative urged us to spearhead this mission. We have constantly been improvising our equipment to be at par with its international counterparts. 


Let’s give you a virtual tour of our bread plant. Process of bread making starts with Spiral Mixer. This is where we mix dough. Once mixed to perfection, dough is automatically lifted by our Bowl lifting and tilting device. This device is equipped with auto dough scraping system, which scrapes the dough and ensures there is no wastage. Dough is then emptied in hopper with frame. From there, it goes to Dough divider. Dough is divided volumetrically in our dough divider making sure each divided part weighs the same. 

From dough divider, it travels to a conical rounder through a conveyor line. Here, divided dough parts are rounded into spheres. It gives a uniform round shape. From Rounder, dough spheres go via an overhead conveyor to a Long Moulder. Dough spheres are then shaped into long moulds. They are of the same shape and size throughout. This moulded dough is then kept in a Proofer. Here, we provide optimum temperature for the dough to rise. Once risen to your desired choice, dough then gets transferred to the Tunnel oven via our automatic loading system. This ensures minimal human contact and exceptionally high hygiene standards. 

After getting transferred to Tunnel oven, each loaf is baked to perfection inside our Tunnel oven. You can be assured of uniform baking all throughout. Once, the baking process is completed, moulds are taken out from the tunnel oven using our Automatic oven unloading device to ensure less to no human contact. Moulds are then unloaded on to a Bread Depanner where the baked bread is removed from the moulds. After that the baked bread goes inside a Bread Cooling system. Here, bread is allowed to cool down completely. Once, the bread is completely cooled down, it is sliced perfectly with our Bread slicer. Each slice is of the same thickness. Sliced bread is now ready for packaging.

With our automatic bread plant, entire process of bread making has become hassle free. Say goodbye to messier workplace. We give Hygiene the utmost priority.

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