AUtomatic Cream ROlling MAchine

Automatic Cream Rolling Machine

The only automatic machine for every small pastry shop able to close both the ends of cream roll, ready to be baked

The Automatic Cream Rolling Machine works with any kind of pastry so that every confectioner can use freely his own secret recipe. The round parts of the cream roll made through the spiral rolling-up process, even after the baking are always puffed, regular, never flat and with a delicious look to be proud to show in the window. It’s the only automatic machine that doesn’t need handcraft work for the closing process of the puff pastry ends.

The Automatic Cream Rolling Machine is configured according to the size of the cream roll (cream horn) to be made. The pipes, necessary for the cream roll production, ranges from 10 to 20 mm diameter, and from 90 to 155 mm length.


  • Can be used for different types of cream.

  • Very good for all kinds of bakery product manufacturers. 

  • High Performance, Small and compact machine.



Pipe Diameter in mm (inches)
10/16 (0.39/0.62)
Pipe Length in mm (inches)
204/280 (8/11)
Connected load (KW/HP)
Pipes supplied with the Machine (Pcs)
Capacity (Pcs/hr)
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