The Medium Bakery B1700 Package contains all the equipment required to start a bakery. With these machines you can make bread, bun, rusk, Puff, Khari, cake and many more. 

B-1700 Bakery Package

The B-1700 bakery package include the the below. Click on any of the machines to find more details.

Machine Name and Model NumberQuantity
Planetory Mixer SP-60QT1
Spiral Mixer CSM-751
Prover B-17001
Rotary Rack Oven B-17001
Manual Sheeter Easy-6001
Table Top Slicer CSTTS-5001
Moulds and TraysBased on your Requirements

With this package you can make the below products (Production Capacity details) per Hour*

Standard Tray Size is 600 x 800(mm) / 23.5" x 31.5" (inches)

ProductsQuantity Trolley with ShelvesDough Required per Hour*** (Kgs)
Bread (400 g) in No.s / Kgs840 / 3362 Trolleys of 14 Shelves

Bun (45 g) in No.s / Kgs

2520 / 1132 Trolleys of 18 Shelves
Biscuits (Kgs)1122 Trolleys of 18 Shelves
Sponge Cake (Kgs)3002 Trolleys of 14 Shelves
Rusk (Requires baking twice)** in Kgs562 Trolleys of 18 Shelves
Khari (Requires baking twice)** in Kgs342 Trolleys of 18 Shelves
Please Note: 
* Each Baking cycle is 30 minutes. Based on recipe and other factors, baking cycles and production capacities may vary.
** In Rusk and Khari, each baking cycle is 30 minutes since baking is done twice.
*** Due to moisture content and evaporation while baking, there will be a variation in the Dough.

Other Raw Materials Required  for Production of the above

Maida, Salt, Sugar, Oil / Dalda, Water, Yeast, Imrpover, Milk Powder, Custard Powder, Egg, Gel, Vanilla, Baking Powder and Filling. The quantity varies based on the recipe chosen by you.

Manpower Needed

Chef / Baker: 2

Workers: 25

Infrastructure and Utilities Required

Working area required (Sqft): 4000

Electricity / Power Requirements (KW / Phase): 30 / 3

Processed Water requirements per Day (Ltr): 1000

Good quality flooring:  Kota stone/Granite
Good ventilation and Hot air exhaust system

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