B-1700 Bread Package

bread manufacturing equipment

With these machines you can make upto 1250 loves of bread per hour. It's ideal for those bakeries specialising in bread production.

bread maker machine

An Ideal setup for the B-1700 Bread Package

If you wish to setup a semi-automatic bread plant, look no further. CS aerotherm proudly presents a bakery package fully dedicated to bread manufacturing. It comprises of B-1700 Rotary Rack Oven along with Spiral Mixer, Spare Bowls, Bowl Lifting and Tilting Device, Flour Sifter, Double Pocket Dough Divider, Take Off Conveyor, Conical Rounder, Economic Moulder, Prover, Industrial Slicer, Packaging machine, Trolleys and Moulds. You can make 1250 loaves of bread in an hour.

B-1700 Bread Package

The B-1700 bread package include the below. Click on any of the machines to find more details.

Machine Name and Model Number
Spiral Mixer SMH-100
Spare Bowls SB-SMH-100
Bowl Lifting and Tilting Device
Flour Shifter ATUE
Double Pocket Dough Divider BVDS
Conical Rounder CS-SR
Take off Conveyor
Economic Moulder LM-1500
Rotary Rack Oven B-1700
Four Proofer B-1700PC 
Industrial Slicer ISL-1500
Packing Machine
No. of Trolleys Provided with the Package (No.s)
Based on Customer Requirement

With this package you can make the below products (Production Capacity details) per Hour*

Standard Trolley Size (W x D x H) in mm / inches is 800 x 660 x 1907 / 31.5 x 26 x 75

Standard Tray Size (W x L) in mm / inches is 600 x 800 / 23.5 x 31.5

 Trolley with Shelves
Dough Required per Hour*** (Kgs)
Bread (400 g) in No.s
2 Trolleys of 14 Shelves
Please Note:
* Each Baking cycle is 30 minutes. Based on recipe and other factors, baking cycles and production capacities may vary.
*** Due to moisture content and evaporation while baking, there will be a variation in the Dough.
Other Raw Materials Required  for Production of the above

Maida, Salt, Sugar, Oil / Dalda, Water, Yeast, Imrpover, Milk Powder, Custard Powder, Egg, Gel, Vanilla, Baking Powder and Filling. The quantity varies based on the recipe chosen by you.

Manpower Needed

Chef / Baker: 2

Workers: 25

Infrastructure and Utilities Required

Working area required (Sqft): 5000

Electricity / Power Requirements (KW / Phase): 35 / 3

Processed Water requirements per Day (Ltr): 1000

Good quality flooring:  Kota stone/Granite Good ventilation and Hot air exhaust system

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