Swing Tray Proofer

CS aerotherm is pleased to introduce a Swing Tray Proofer for Bread and Rusk plants. We understand that proofing the dough is an important part of Bread and Rusk making process. To cater to huge volumes of bread and rusk manufacturing, we decided to introduce a Swing Tray Proofer. It can load upto 156 trays or 936 pans at a time. Proofing cycle of bread is completed in 60 minutes and 90 minutes for rusk. Entire proofer is clad with insulating panels to avoid condensation. Gate Valves are fitted for circulating fresh air. Air is passed through Conditioning unit for maintaining accurate temperature and humidity inside the proofer. So, worry no more and proof bread and rusk in large quantities with our swing tray proofer. It will save your precious time and yield more productivity.


Proofer Specifications

Specifications change as per your needs

Cycle Time (Bread / Rusk) in minutes
60 / 90
Maximum Temperature (°C / °F)
35 / 95
Maximum Humidity in RH (%)
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