Automatic & Semi-Automatic
Bun Divider And Rounder

Bun Divider

The Fully Automatic Bun Divider and Rounder are hydraulic-operated machines. The entire process of dividing and rounding the dough for buns is automated. You just need to set the grams required for buns and the rest is history. These machines are powered by four cylinders. Two cylinders are used for pressing the dough, one cylinder for cutting the dough and the last one for rounding the dough.

The Control panel allows you to adjust the pressing, rounding, and shaping of dough. You can also configure chamber opening time with the help of the Control Panel. This machine is also loaded with an automatic Knife Cleaning Button, which ensures high hygiene standards are maintained. You can store up to 10 different programs to suit your needs. It also gives you a provision to change the language for easy understanding and operating the machines. It comes with No.3 plates.

The Semi-Automatic variant allows manual pressing of dough. Cutting and rounding of dough are carried out with levers, while the dough shaping chamber is adjusted using a joystick with a numerical scale. These are also supplied with No. 3 plates.



The fully automatic operation makes it extremely easy to operate.

Uniform rounding at all times.

10 programs are available to suit your needs.

Regional languages were added for ease of operation.

Safe to operate and extremely hygienic

Low on maintenance.


Divisions (Pieces cut)
Bun Weight Range (Grams)
(Scaling Range)
40 - 135
25 - 90
34 - 110
12 - 40
Per Batch Capacity (Kgs)
1.2 - 4
0.75 - 7
1.2 - 4
0.6 - 2
Production Capacity (Pcs / Hr)
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm / inches
605 x 660 x 1420 / 24 x 26 x 56
605 x 660 x 1420 / 24 x 26 x 56
605 x 660 x 1420 / 24 x 26 x 56
605 x 660 x 1420 / 24 x 26 x 56
Weight (Kgs)

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