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Cream Roll Package

The CS aerotherm Cream Roll package is ideal to start a successful bakery. The range of equipment help in making delicious cream rolls  that wills set you apart from the rest.


Cream Roll Package
The Cream Roll package include the below. Click on any of the machines to find more details.
Machine Name and Model NumberQuantity
Planetory Mixer SP-60HA1
Spiral Mixer CSM-501
Rotary Rack Oven B-13001
Automatic Cream Roll Machine ACRM-8/ACRM-121
Cream Injecting Machine CIM-35001
PipesBased on your Requirements

With this package you can make the below products (Production Capacity details) per Hour*

Pipe Sizes 153/204/305 (mm) / 6/8/12 (inches)

ProductsQuantityDough Required per Hour** (Kgs)
Cream Roll 153 mm / 6 inches1000386

Cream Roll 204 mm / 8 inches

Cream Roll 305 mm / 12 inches800134

Please Note: 
* Each Baking cycle is 30 minutes. Based on recipe and other factors, baking cycles and production capacities may vary.
** Due to moisture content and evaporation while baking, there will be a variation in the Dough.

Other Raw Materials Required  for Production of the above

Maida, Salt, Sugar, Oil / Dalda, Water, Yeast, Imrpover and Filling. The quantity varies based on the recipe chosen by you.

Manpower Needed

Chef / Baker: 2

Workers: 9-10

Infrastructure and Utilities Required

Working area required (Sqft): 4000

Electricity / Power Requirements (KW / Phase): 30 / 3

Processed and Cold Water requirements per Day (Ltr): 1000

Good quality flooring:  Kota stone/Granite
Good ventilation and Hot air exhaust system 

What CS Aerotherm Can Do

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Equipment Supply

Installation and Commissioning

Training of Operating Personnel

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