AUTO Single Cream Slicing and Filling Machine 

Cream Slicer for Hot Dogs

The Auto Single Cream Slicing and Filling Machine slices Hot Dog bread and fills cream in between the slices. This is extremely useful for medium to large Hot Dog Manufacturers. Filling is even and uniform. You can even adjust the length and volume of the filling. Different kinds of filling can be used to enhance the taste. Burger Buns can also be sliced in the same machine.


Solid Robust Construction with wheels for easy movement.

Anti Vibration plugs to ensure greater stability.

Easy Adjustment for length and volume of cream to filled.

Adjustable speeds for flexible output control.



Capacity per hour (No.s)4200
Air Pressure Required (Bar)
Installed Power (KW / HP)
0.56 / 0.75
Voltage and Phase (Volts / Phase / Hertz)
415 / 3 / 50
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm / inches
3690 x 875 x 1878 / 146 x 35 x 74
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