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A testimonial from our esteemed customer

Check out the customer testimonials/reviews from our fans. We demonstrate that we are one of the best bakery equipment manufacturers in India.


A happy customer of CS aerotherm

With best in class quality and service the customer is very happy using CS aerotherm equipment. 

Another satisfied customer

Another few satisfied custome for CS aerotherm.


Our Happy Customer

B for Bakers is on of our happy customers since 2017. Being extremely happy with the quality for our machines and service, they have been our repeat customers and always prefer CS aerotherm bakery machines.

An amazing testimonial from Monginis Foods

Our customer since 2011, we are extremely happy to serve our customers.


MMX Foods

MMX Foods - Guided by CS aerotherm, growing in leaps and bounds

Popular Bakery

Popular Bakery Products Varanasi - Holy bread made in CS aerotherm ovens.


Aditya Confectionery, Nagaon, Assam

A long time satisfied, customer of CS aerotherm Aditya Confectionery is very satisfied with the CS aerotherm quality and service.

Singh Bakers, Punjab

Customer impressed with the versatility of our ovens....

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