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Indian engineering enterprises have a great opportunity to explore the Kenyan market as Kenya imports a variety of engineering products such as industrial machinery for boilers and parts, automobiles and auto components, iron and steel products, electrical machinery and equipment, ships, boats and floating structures, medical devices, and other instruments. As India exports products in all these segments in good quantity, there is ample scope for Indian engineering enterprises to penetrate the Kenyan market.

Kenya, being the highest trading country in the East African region, offers a huge potential market for Indian exporters. It is also the gateway to the entire East and Central African region, with the business port of Mombasa facilitating trade. Although there are various challenges in the Kenyan market, there are also many opportunities, especially in sectors such as infrastructure, environment and natural resources, building and construction, manufacturing, and agribusiness engineering services. These sectors provide potential investment opportunities for Indian engineering enterprises, especially in areas such as power generation equipment, power transmission infrastructure, and household appliances.

EEPC India, the premier trade and investment promotion organization in India representing India's engineering export community, is all set to organize the 44th edition of its flagship event, the Indian Engineering Exhibition (INDEE) in Kenya. The exhibition will feature many renowned Indian engineering manufacturers showcasing their expertise and products. This event will serve as a platform for Indian engineering enterprises to connect with their Kenyan and East African counterparts, allowing them to explore business opportunities and strengthen their relationships. With ample opportunities for Indian engineering enterprises in the Kenyan market, the exhibition is expected to help Indian companies take advantage of these opportunities and expand their presence in the region.

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We are delighted to participate in, the "INDEE KENYA MANUFACTURING EXPO 2023".

CS aerotherm has got a great opportunity to explore the Kenyan market as Kenya imports bakery equipment and lines for bread production. There is ample scope for CS aerotherm to penetrate the Kenyan market. since it exports high-quality machinesKenya's Bread Production Market registered a growth of 31.65% in Bread production in 2021 as compared to 2020 an increase of 6.31% CAGR. In the Bakery product market. Kenya is becoming more competitive.Hence we, CS aerotherm pioneers of bakery equipment manufacturing will be present in INDEE KENYA, Come and explore the technology for Bakery equipment specially crafted by CS aerotherm.

We look forward to your presence in the exhibition between the 11th & 13th of October 2023,

You will find us in Stall 136C, at the Kenyatta International Convention Center, Kenya.


India and Kenya, as maritime neighbors, have developed a strong and multi-faceted partnership in recent years, characterized by high-level visits, growing trade and investment, and collaboration in international fora. The two nations have been members of organizations such as the United Nations, Non-Aligned Movement, Commonwealth of Nations, G-77 and G-15, and the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation, among others. the partnership between India and Kenya has become increasingly robust and multi-faceted over the years, with both countries collaborating closely in areas such as trade, investment, and diplomacy. The close relationship between the two nations is likely to continue to grow and evolve in the years to come.


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India and Kenya share a significant bilateral trade relationship in the engineering sector. This trade accounts for over 34% of the total merchandise trade between the two countries.
India's engineering exports to Kenya experienced a growth of 36% during the fiscal year 2021-22. However, during April 2022-23, there was a negative growth of around 11% compared to the same period last year. In contrast, engineering imports from Kenya registered a growth of 67% in 2021-22 but experienced a negative growth of 48% during April 2022-23.
Major engineering products exported from India to Kenya include industrial machinery for dairy and agriculture, iron and steel products, two and three-wheelers, electrical machinery and equipment, auto components/parts, aluminum and its products, and other construction machinery.
On the other hand, major engineering products imported by India from Kenya include copper and its products, aluminum and its products, iron and steel products, zinc and its products, industrial machinery including boilers, electrical machinery and equipment, and others.


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