Automatic Khari Machine

Khari Machine

Automatic Khari Machine

CS aerotherm strives to make its customers always happy. In our attempt to make your work easy, we present to you our Khari Cutting and Auto panning machine. We understand how time consuming and tiring is the entire process of making Kharis. We have designed and developed a machine that does the tough job of cutting khari sheets in uniform size every time. Once it is cut, it is automatically panned. You can even make round pizza bases with this machine. Leave your hard work to us. We are forever ready to simplify your life.


The entire Khari Machine

CS aerotherm is elated to introduce a new entrant in the field of baking that will convert your bakery world to a wonderland. Introducing our brand new laminating machine which has a capacity of handling 700 kg of dough at any given time. It can laminate 10 to 40% of butter along with the dough depending on your recipe. You can make a wide range of products with our laminating machine.Different kind of puffs can be cut with the help of this machine. You can make single foulded and double foulded puffs, Kharis weighing upto 60 grams. You can make croissants varying from 60 grams to 110 grams. Cream and jam filled puffs ranging from 40 to 70 grams can be doled out from this powerhouse of a machine. It even offers round cutting to make pizza bases. So what are you waiting for. Turn your bakery into an artisan bakery by incorporating this amazing machine. We guarantee you will grow your bakery manifold with endless possibilities.

The Full Automatic  Pizza Machine

In our quest to excel in automating the process of making puffs, kharis, palmiers and other laminated baked goods, we present to you our much awaited Fully automatic Puff machine. If you are looking for one machine that can make kharis, puffs, jam or cream filled puffs, palmiers, pizza and kulcha bases, hotdogs, bread rolls and various other laminated products, your search ends here. 

It is one of its kind machine that will automate the entire process. Dough from the hopper will land on a conveyor belt. It will go via a flour sifter where it will be dusted with flour before going through rolling pins. Then, the  sheet will pass through different rollers to smoothen the surface to a perfection. Dough will be handled gently on conveyors. It will avoid sticking of dough on various surfaces. Conveyor will now take the dough to cutters where it will be cut dough in vertical strips. You can customize the size as per your requirement. With the help of rollers, you can dish out bread rolls, hot dogs and any cylindrical puff pastry. Spike rollers will impart designer holes on the sheet to avoid air bubbles and ensure even baking. Dough sheet will now travel to the cutters where it will be cut seamlessly. You can be sure of uniformity in the size and shape. 


You can fill jam, cream or sauce based on your recipe. It automatically folds the laminated sheets and cuts them to the required size. Further, it passes through rollers to give a smooth finish to the product. Size and weight of products can be customized as per your need.  You can make round pizza bases and kulchas with this machine. Dough sheet will pass through spikes to punch holes. This ensures uniform baking and nvoids air bubbles. Dough will be cut to perfect round bases after passing through cutters. In-built PLC empowers you to store your personalised recipes. This machine will ease your dependence on others. Make these laminated products hassle free in an utmost hygienic environment. Customers are going to love the uniformity and crispiness in each product dished out of this machine.


Production Capacity (Kgs / Hr)
Length of the Machine (mm / inches)
4000 / 158 or 5000 / 197 or 6000 / 237
Table Height (mm / inches)
950 / 37.5
Belt Width (mm / inches)
650 / 26
Tray Capacity (Nos.)
Tray Sizes (L x W) in mm / inches
400 x 600 / 16 x 27 or 450 x 700 / 18 x 28
Installed Power (KW / HP)
6.5 / 8.7
Voltage and Phase (Volts / Phase / Hertz)
415 / 3 / 50
External Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm /inches
10700 x 1078 x 1637 / 422 x 43 x 65
Weight (Kgs)
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