Khari PAckage

CS aerotherm strives to make its customers always happy. In our attempt to make your work easy, we present to you our Khari Cutting and Auto panning machine. We understand how time consuming and tiring is the entire process of making Kharis. We have designed and developed a machine that does the tough job of cutting khari sheets in uniform size every time. Once it is cut, it is automatically depanned. You can even make round pizza bases with this machine. Leave your hard work to us. We are forever ready to simplify your life. The package includes our Spiral Mixer, Proofer and Oven. More than enough to start a top of the  line Khari Bakery. With this package you can make 140 Kgs of Khari in an hour.



Khari Package

The Khari package include the below. Click on any of the machines to find more details.

Machine Name and Model Number
Spiral Mixer CSM-50
Eight Trolley Proofer
Automatic Khari Machine
Rotary Rack Oven B-2200
Free Trolleys
Trays (Extra)
Based on your Requirements

Other Raw Materials Required  for Production of the above

Maida, Salt, Sugar, Oil / Dalda, Water, Yeast, Imrpover, Milk Powder, Custard Powder, Egg, Gel, Vanilla, Baking Powder and Filling. The quantity varies based on the recipe chosen by you.

Manpower Needed

Chef / Baker: 2
Workers: 5

Infrastructure and Utilities Required

Working area required (Sqft): 5000

Electricity / Power Requirements (KW / Phase): 35 / 3

Processed Water requirements per Day (Ltr): 1000

Good quality flooring:  Kota stone/Granite Good ventilation and Hot air exhaust system

What CS aerotherm Can Do

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Installation and Commissioning

Training of Operating Personnel

Training of Maintenance Personnel

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