rotary rack OVEN-B600 (Without Proover)

    Elevate your bakery's efficiency and quality with our Rotary Rack Oven 600. Designed for small to medium-sized bakeries, it offers consistent and even baking results. With CS aerotherm's commitment to affordability, you can enjoy the benefits of its high-performance oven without breaking the bank. Explore the CS Oven price for the B600 model and invest in a reliable baking solution that ensures your products come out perfectly baked every time. Trust CS Aerotherm for exceptional quality at an accessible price point. 

      B600 Rotary Rack Oven, Small size rotary rack oven, Tray oven, biscuit oven, puff oven


      Standard Features:

      • Unique airflow design
      • Csaerotherm Wedge Installation System
      • Good thermal efficiency
      • Stainless Steel Design
      • Ceramic Wool Blanket Insulation


      • Analog / PLC panel

      • Source: Electrical coils / GAS / Diesel / CNG / PNG / LDO

      • Supply: Single Phase / Three phase

      • B600 complete bakery package


      Capacity of the Oven (per Batch.Approx):

      Bread 400(gm)Sponge Cake (kg)Buns 45 (gm)Biscuits (kg)Dry Rusk (kg)
      Kharis (kg)
      Tray Size (mm)
      48 Loaves
       Trolley x 6 Shelves
      Trolleys x 6 Shelves
      128 Nos
      Trolleys x 8 Shelves
      5 to 6
      Trolleys x 8 Shelves
       Trolleys x 8 Shelves
       Trolleys x 8 Shelves
      450x450 (18”x18”)

          Oven speciation:



          Dimensions in mm (External) WxDxH 

             1100x1800x2100mm 43”x45”x82”

          Max temperature (Degrees Celcius)°c 


          Connected load (Kw) 

             3x3 or 1ph (4HP)

          Weight (Kg) 


          Minimum dimensions to take oven in (HXW) 

             Tray Size 18 X 18 12 Tray/Batch

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