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The Table Top Bread slicer is perfect for Small and Medium Bakeries. The high performance Bread Slicer is perfect for slicing bread of different grams. It's high speed and packs in fast moving blades that slice bread fast and smooth. Blades can be changed easily as well.

You can buy our Table Top slicer online by clicking on the link. 

A 3D Simulation of the Slicer

This is how the slicer works. You can move around the image to see different angles.


Capacity for 400 g of bread per hour (No.s)500
Slicing Thickness (mm)12
Height of the Loaf of bread (mm)75 - 130
Installed Power (KW / HP)0.18 / 0.25
Voltage and Phase (Volts / Phase / Hertz)230 / 1 / 50
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm470 x 720 x 720
Weight  (Kgs)70

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