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CS Aerotherm

Planetary Mixer-10QT - Capacity /Ltr : 9.5 Ltr, Power (Kw/Hp) :0.25/0.33,Voltage:230V,Gross Weight: 80Kg,LXWXH(cm):46X45X76,3- Speeds:59.110.201 rpm.

High power, large torque Planetary Mixer for even mixing and increasing the texture of liquid and elasticity of dough. It has adjustable speed in fast, medium and slow speed, three-shift control mode , fast rotating speed, uniform stirring bubbles. The cake stirred by the machine features refined texture, soft and fine taste. This is a convenient machine which operates competently during the mixing process. It has an interlocked safety guard, locking emergency stop button, timer and motor cooling system that guarantees safe and smooth function.
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