[SP-30HA] Planetary Mixer 30QT 3 Phase

Planetary Mixer 30QT - With 3 attachment, Capacity : 27Ltrs, Weight:180 kg, Dimension 65.5(L) X 56.8(W)X 115.6(H) cm, Connected load: 1HP, 415V.

High power, large torque Planetary Mixer for even mixing and increasing the texture of liquid and elasticity of dough. It has adjustable speed in fast, medium and slow speed, three-shift control mode , fast rotating speed, uniform stirring bubbles. The cake stirred by the machine features refined texture, soft and fine taste. This is a convenient machine which operates competently during the mixing process. It has an interlocked safety guard, locking emergency stop button, timer and motor cooling system that guarantees safe and smooth function.

₹ 1,75,000.00175000.0INR

₹ 1,75,000.00



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" [SP-30HA] Planetary Mixer 30QT 3 Phase "

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